Tuesday, 22 October 2013

Take Action for a Welsh Team

Friends it is time to lobby your Assembly Members to ask that they support establishing a Welsh national cricket team. To do this is simple. 

First click this link and then enter your postcode. Then click write to all your AMs.

Then simply write your AMs an email telling them why you think Wales should have its own cricket team. It is best to keep it positive and to stick to the subject matter without becoming in any way confrontational. 

If you need some help then you can base it on the sample letter below.


I writing writing to ask that you vote in favour of noting the Petition Committee's report on establishing a Welsh national cricket team in plenary on Wednesday the 23rd of October. 
The report calls for there to be consultation in the cricketing community on whether such a team should established. I am firmly of the opinion that it would be a huge benefit for Wales if we did establish the team.
So many Welsh cricketers never play any international cricket because they must try to get into the England team. If there was a Welsh team then there would always be at least 11 Welsh people playing international cricket.
It would also give fantastic exposure to to our country. During the recent Ashes series England played against Ireland and Australia played against Scotland. This gave international exposure to Scotland and Ireland in their own right. The only thing people saw internationally about Wales was that England play their home games in Cardiff. What sort of message does that send about Wales?
There are so many internationally recognised teams in the British Isles: England, Ireland, Scotland... even the Isle of Man, Jersey and Guernsey have their own ICC recognised teams. But Wales does not and that is something that we now have the opportunity to change. 
Rugby and football players get to grow up dreaming of playing for Wales and that is a good thing. But for those who love cricket there is no Welsh team to dream of playing for or to support. 
I ask that you give your support to noting the Committee's report so that we can continue to explore the possibility of establishing our own team. 

If you would like more information you can click this link 

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