Thursday, 22 March 2007

Adam Price EDM

Newydd ddod o hyd i'r EDM yma gan Adam Price AS a wnaethpwyd nol yn 2002. Dim ond 11 Aelod Seneddol wnaeth ei arwyddo ar y pryd, ond llongyfarchiadau i Adam am godi'r mater. Sylwer na gefnogodd unrhyw AS Llafur o Gymru y Cynnig, na chwaeth unrhyw aelod Seneddol Ceidwadol!

I've just found this Early Day Motion by Adam Price MP made back in 2002. Only 11 MP's signed the motion at the time, but congratulations to Adam Price for raising the matter. Note that none of the Welsh Labour MP's voted for the motion, and no Conservative MP's whatsoever supported it.

Price, Adam

That this House congratulates the Welsh Cricket Team on their historic eight wicket victory over England at Cardiff; recognises the contribution of Wales to the game of cricket; notes that Scotland and Ireland are recognised as official competing nations during the Cricket World Cup; and calls on Wales to be awarded the equivalent of full national status in the cricketing world

Price, Adam (Plaid Cymru - Cymru / Welsh Constituency)
Llwyd, Elfyn (Plaid Cymru - Cymru / Welsh Constituency)
Jones, Nigel (Lib Dems - Lloegr / English Constituency)
Ewing, Annabelle (SNP - Yr Alban / Scottish Constituency)
George, Andrew (Lib Dems - Lloegr / English Constituency)
Thomas, Simon (Plaid Cymru - Cymru / Welsh Constituency)
Robertson, Angus (SNP - Yr Alban / Scottish Constituency)
Salmond, Alex (SNP - Yr Alban / Scottish Constituency)
Pickthall, Colin (Labour - Lloegr / English Constituency)
McDonnell, John (Labour - Lloegr / English Constituency)
Williams, Roger (Lib Dems - Cymu / Welsh Constituency)


Gath Clag said...

Cricket seems to be run by the Anglified of these islands. Scotland, for example plays as an English county side. This is insulting to most Scots.


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