Tuesday, 20 March 2007

It’s just not cricket

Llythr o'r Western Mail - 20/03/07

Letter from the Western Mail - 20/03/07

SIR – I am delighted that the Welsh Rugby team did us Welsh proud on Saturday by convincingly beating the old enemy, the English, at our new citadel of the Millennium Stadium. Suddenly the pride in my country, Wales, soared like an eagleThen, once again back down to earth.

The cricket authorities in Wales who sold us out to the English by joining the England and Wales Cricket Board, the ECB, succeeded in relegating Wales to being the silent “W” in this unholy alliance. As a result, on the very weekend that Welsh rugby was filling us Welsh with pride, the World Cup cricket tournament listed teams from Ireland, Scotland and England. In one stroke, these so-called Welsh cricketing authorities had relegated Wales to a nonentity with accompanying global humiliation!

Carmarthen East Plaid AM, Rhodri Glyn Thomas, has called for a Welsh team at future World Cup cricket tournaments.

If it is in their power to do so, I call on our Welsh Assembly Government to instigate the setting up of a Welsh national cricket team so that once again we, the Welsh nation, can hold our heads up with pride.

Eaton Crescent, Uplands, Swansea

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