Thursday, 1 March 2007

if cricketers in Wales decided to move away from the EWCB we would be supportive of this decision

Ebost gan Manon Rees Roberts, Cyngor Chwaraeon Cymru, 2006

Email response by Manon Rees Roberts, Sports Council for Wales, 2006

I understand that there were some discussions a few years ago regarding the Welsh Cricket Board moving away from the EWCB, however, this was rejected for three main reasons, namely, to ensure that:

a. Glamorgan County Cricket Club continued to play in the County Championship and other one day cups and leagues;
b. the Wales Minor Counties team could continue playing in the MCC Championships;
c. Wales continued to receive revenue from the EWCB to support the game in Wales.

Therefore, the reasons for remaining part of the EWCB were financial as well as competitive.

However, if cricketers in Wales felt that it would be in their best interests to move away from the EWCB and establish a Welsh Cricket Board, the Sports Council for Wales would be supportive of this decision if there was strong and widespread support for this.

Manon Rees Roberts

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