Monday, 5 March 2007

Some of us have advocated exactly what you say

Ebost gan Dr. R. B. Kemp Esq, cyn-Gadeirydd y Welsh Cricket Association, 2006

Email response by Dr. R. B. Kemp Esq, Immediate Past Chairman, Welsh Cricket Association, 2006

In essence, the problem is Glamorgan who have won a dispensation to play in an English County League. Some of us have advocated exactly what you say (Welsh players representing Wales at the World Cup) but the Glamorgan players would not like being deprived of the chance to play test cricket and high quality county cricket - for the latter they would move to an English county.

We have discussed it many times (a split from the ECB to create the WCB and a Welsh national side) but the other disadvantage is that we would lose access to all the money coming from Lords that sustains the development of cricket at junior level.

Richard Kemp

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